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Mr. Ajay Darekar started his career as a Computer Engineer after graduating from Ellim University (Sikkim). At the same time, he was very passionate and determined about student development. So, he began Vighnesh Classes on 14th June, 2003 to provide motivational training and coaching to the student community.

Initially, he started coaching in a small classroom at Jijamata Nagar, Worli, Mumbai with only 2 students. Within a year, the number of students rapidly grew to 94. Mr. Ajay started this coaching institute with the purpose of guiding the student community in terms of academics and career. It is his long term vision to increase the efficiency and potential of youngsters. With this vision, he worked passionately to guide his students as individuals and professionals to succeed in today’s competitive life. Since 2003, we have been aiming and working towards achieving our

Mr. Ajay Darekar has awarded with a National Award – Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Memorial Award for Best Educationalist

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VES Training Institute

Every student in VES is a very good friend of teacher. This helps to create a friendly atmosphere between students & teachers. Because of this students easily ask their droughts & challenges to teachers.

VES Art School

At Versatile Art School, our effort has always been to inspire and encourage you to discover and explore your innate, hidden talents for various art forms that help enrich your life. And more importantly, make it a part of your everyday life.

VES Brain Hub

There are many ways to teach number and maths to kids. Some can be fun and exciting and some can be just plain boring. The Abacus is a calculating tool that old as 2700-2300BC. It also happens to be a great tool to teach numbers and arithmetic to kids.

VES Rubik’s Cube Hub

Versatile Rubik’s cube hub :-The Rubik's cube is said to be the world's most popular & best-selling toy ever, with sales in excess of 350 million units worldwide!

VES Robotronics

With the help of thoughtful Robotronics syllabus design, we try to initiate the spark in an individual to think out of the box and go beyond the boundaries of robotics field. It also enhances the skills like critical thinking, creativity & smart working.


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