Abacus & DMIT


There are many ways to teach number and maths to kids. Some can be fun and exciting and some can be just plain boring. The Abacus is a calculating tool that old as 2700-2300BC. It also happens to be a great tool to teach numbers and arithmetic to kids. It has colorful beads to make learning exciting and fun while reinforcing concepts through the child’s sense to touch.

The Abacus is also great because it can be used to teach simple math’s- like counting, addition and subtraction- as well as more complex operation like multiplication and division. It can even be used to work with fraction and to find square and cube root

VES Abacus

The Versatile Brain Hub based on the principle of abacus calculation, abacus maths is considered to be one of the fastest ways of calculating and leaning maths. Faster than a calculator, not only does abacus maths gift young learner the opportunity to shine in the language of the maths from the really young age, but it also provide soild foundation for

Age Group

– 5 to 14 Years

Student performance Versatile Brain Hub

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Dermatoglyphics Test is a scientific term for the analysis of fingerprint, hand print & footprint. What to expect from Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test.

Discover the inborn traits/characteristics. It is important to understand a child’s innate characteristics in order to communicate with them effectively handled. To eliminate misunderstanding in relation to their natural born character (stubborn, rebellious or persistent etc) Discover innate strengths & weakness on multiple intelligence. To know the eight Multiple Intelligence of your child. To understand precisely if your child is gifted in arts, sports, music or science academic.