About Us

Mr. Ajay Khotu Darekar

Director – Versatile Educare System

Mr. Ajay Darekar started his career as a Computer Engineer after graduating from Ellim University (Sikkim). At the same time, he was very passionate and determined about student development.  So, he began Vighnesh Classes on 14th June, 2003 to provide motivational training and coaching to the student community. Initially, he started coaching in a small classroom at Jijamata Nagar, Worli, Mumbai with only 2 students. Within a year, the number of students rapidly grew to 94. Mr. Ajay started this coaching institute with the purpose of guiding the student community in terms of academics and career. It is his long term vision to increase the efficiency and potential of youngsters. With this vision, he worked passionately to guide his students as individuals and professionals to succeed in today’s competitive life. Since 2003, we have been aiming and working towards achieving our


Being the pioneer youth development organization in India.


We are committed to channelize the energy of youth in constructive directions.

Our achievements​

Vighnesh Classes trained the first batch of 20 SSC students in 2006. Our students were toppers from various schools like VBM Model High School, G.K.Marg School, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar School, Maratha High School, Shardashram Vidya Mandir and IES School in Mumbai.  We were the first institute in our area to develop a girl student to become the first Diploma holder in Textile Engineering.

We introduced innovative, off-beat and developmental courses like Graphology, Memory Training and Soft Skills. These training courses were intended to develop the school and college students into dynamic and high-performing human beings. We also introduced an effective workshop to mentor students with excellent, smart study techniques. With this we became the First Coaching Class which transformed itself into a Student and Youth Development Training Institute. VES achieved the target of teaching and training more than 2000 students from almost all the schools of South Mumbai. With this marvelous success, we also utilized our expertise to train students of Std. 5th to 10th from Marathi and English medium schools. Along with it, our Commerce students from Std. 11th and 12th also performed to their fullest potential and achieved excellent results.


Mr. Ajay is an expert in the field of Mind and Memory Training. So, he utilized his expertise to help students through mind and memory exercises in order to improve their concentration. It helped the students to improve their academic focus. Along with this, we became the first institute to introduce Memory Training Course in 2010. 


Mr. Ajay is also a trained and certified Graphologist. Graphology is an art of analyzing an individual’s personality from their handwriting. So, with this specialized knowledge, Ajay helped the students to identify potentials from their handwriting. Thus, he set a benchmark by training over 10,000 students during this period from 2003-2010 with his efficient team. As a result, he is living a unique vision to train 10 Lac youngsters during his lifetime.

 In December 2012, Vighnesh Classes was formed into a Company which is popularly known as Versatile Educare System (VES). In 2013, Mr. Ajay Darekar won the Award of Best Student Development Trainer. He was awarded in front of an audience of 3000 people in the world-renowned Shanmukhanand Auditorium (Mumbai). Mr. Ajay has awarded with a National Award – Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Memorial Award for Best Educationalist. He has also counseled 7000 parents through VES’s training programme called Parenting; it has enabled parents to strengthen bond with their children in today’s fast-moving and dynamic age.