Commerce Section

Teaching in friendly Atmosphere

Every student in VES Classes is a very good friend of students. This helps to create a friendly atmosphere between students & teachers. Because of this students easily ask their droughts & challenges to teachers. This also develops their communication skills. We keep students happy, energetic & fresh by taking small beautiful activities through which their educational development is done.

Motivational Lecture

After every 2 months we keep motivational lectures for students to charge up & motivate them for their future goals.

Repeater batches

We take Special batches for repeaters, Specially we offer reviewer system for repeaters batch . Special focus with one to one attention

Parents Meeting

We Arrange Every two months parents meetings & Also one to one parents meeting every three months

Study Technique

Nowadays students only know how to mug up all their studies & write it down in the examination papers. Due to this the studies method become boring. There are 5 steps through which we can do effective studies. We teach these methods to all our students in VES.