What is Graphology?

Graphology is the science of understanding the person’s character through his own handwriting. In simple terms, when a person writes, the signals from his mind, in the form of letters get decoded on the paper through his fingers. Graphology aims at understanding & interpreting these signals in a scientific way. Using this science we can understand a person’s mind, so his thoughts, character and the behaviour.

How does it work ?

All written movements regardless of what they are (handwriting, painting, drawings, doodles, numerals and signatures) are brain impulses that have been transmitted onto a writing surface which is normally a paper. It is these ‘brain impulses’ that create strokes, letters and words that are unique to the individual and it is these character traits that the Graphology studies to determine the character, the dysfunction or similarities depending on what the Graphologist has been commissioned to do. We have all heard of the expression ‘You are what you eat’, the same applies in handwriting; ‘You are what you write’.

How Graphology can benefit you?

Once we set the target we need to plan the months according to our goals to achieve it. It is impossible to achieve goals without proper planning. To do this excellently we teach students how to plan their schedule in a proper manner.

  • Understanding more than 300 characteristics about yourself
  • Knowing the character of your friends, colleagues & relatives
  • Understanding mind-set of anyone without meeting the person
  • Selecting right business associates
  • Child development
  • Criminology
  • Recruiting right people
  • Value added education for HR professionals, Teachers, Trainers, Psychologist, BHMS, Counsellors.

    • Almost 100 traits about you which you are unaware of.
    • A better understanding of your environment by understanding the people in the environment.
    • What can graphology reveal about you and others?
    • How is your past affecting you?
    • How is your present affected by your childhood relationship?
    • Are you a organized or disorganized person?
    • How is your risk taking?
    • How is your decision making?
    • What are your fears?
    • How are you handling your opportunities?
    • Are you workaholic, Spiritual or relaxed person?
    • How is your time management?
    • Which time of the day you like to work more?
    • How is your social confidence?
    • Do you like to be with people or alone?
    • As a child you were introvert or extrovert?
    • Are you clear about your identity or who are You?
    • How is your self-image?
    • Are you a saver or spend thrift?
    • Are you a loner or do you have friends?
    • Do you express more than required?
    • Do you have mood swings?

  • Are you optimistic or a pessimistic person?
  • How is your approach towards your goals?
  • Are you focused to your goals?
  • Are you a depressed?
  • Do you follow rules?
  • Are you a flexible or stubborn person?
  • Are you choosy about food?
  • Are you a practical logical or an emotional casual person?
  • How is your self-respect and ego?
  • What is your aptitude?
  • What is your IQ?
  • What is your EQ (emotional quotient)?
  • Should you do a job or business?
  • What your friends think about you?
  • Are you sensitive, intuitive, rational or practical person?
  • How your thoughts affect your health?
  • Find out criminal and cheating tendencies from the signature.
  • Change your signature change your habits.
  • Learn to counsel people through graphology.
  • Understand your children, spouse, friends, relatives, Boss, employees etc. better through their handwriting.